About Us

yoomi was created by Farah and Jim, a mum and dad whose experiences of bottle warming (stumbling around a kitchen in the early hours and begging waiters for hot water when out and about) inspired them to look for a better solution. The combination of Farah’s inspiration and Jim’s engineering skills, together with expert advice and help from friends and family, created yoomi, the bottle that warms your baby’s feed in just 60 seconds. Feeding on-the-go, in the middle of the night or getting feed to perfect breast milk temperature just became a great deal easier!

Following overwhelming claims of yoomi being a 'godsend', yoomi gift sets were launched in collaboration with Skibz Bibs and have proved highly popular as Baby Shower gifts. The yoomi range has now expanded to offer parents cost effective and practical yoomi bundles for all your feeding needs.  We have bundles for newborns, breastfed babies, multiples.... And, not forgetting, our unique 'Little Lamb' which comes FREE in all Welcome Home Starter Sets.  

Find out more about the yoomi story and products at www.yoomi.com

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